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Winter is coming: keep your cool with bleach blond hair color

Forget the cold air and the snow showers, the most anticipated invasions this winter are the different shades of bleach blond hair, and we're seeing them all over social media. While at first this cool trend might look similar, these blonds are all a little different. Let's take a closer look and find our favorites!

Blond Balayage

Using the protective and strengthening hair service during coloration, this look consists of bold and bright blond sections that contrast against darker roots and underneath sections, giving a more natural and textured effect that looks great with piecey waves.

Luminous Ombré

We still have the darker roots, but in this gorgeous look, the hair becomes uniformly lighter, reaching the ends in a dazzling shade of cool blond. It's not always easy to smooth out bleach blond hair, as it can quickly become dry. The in-salon gives flawless-looking straight hair without the damage caused by regular heated tools.

Warm Blond

Keep your look warm this winter with shades of rose or peach in your bleach blond hair color. To achieve this, your hairstylist will subtly mix different shades to suit your skin tone. Here, we can see a cream soda shade, a hint of golden blond and light strawberry blond come together over a more neutral beige blond base. A masterpiece!

Icy cold blond

It's winter, so you need to layer up, right? How also about having your hair layered in romantic waves and colored in an almost-silver shade of blond! When it comes to ultra-white platinum hues, make sure your skin tone suits the chosen shade: this icy blond, for example, looks great on cool skin tones in particular, while warm skin tones may look washed out.

Whichever your selected shade of bleach blond, the hair color collection has the ideal shade you're after. You stylist will then be able to customize your color and the application techniques, for a truly unique blond look for winter!

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