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Trend Alert : Pagenta, the new hair color you need is here !

We are proud to present Pagenta! A bedazzling mix of purple and magenta, Pagenta is all the rage, right now.

Pretty in Purple

Thought the winter was all abouttraditional shades? Think again! Pagenta is the latest sizzling colour to hit the streets and Instagram. Enlist the help of your L'Oréal Professionnel stylist and let the magic of #colorfulhair bewitch you. With the ultimate flexibility, Pagenta can range from the darkest to the deepest and brightest tones.

The wonders of #Colorfulhair last up to 15 shampoos, so no need to stress if you change your mind. A result in 5 to 20 minutes, the 100% personalised #Colorfulhair service is just what you need if you are wondering about going Pagenta. Not sure if Pagenta is for you? Use the Style My Hair app to try before you apply!


Did you know #Colorfulhair has a range of 8 shades that can be mixed together for a rainbow of colors? Easy to apply, this formula contains colorful pigments, conditioning agents and half-gel half-cream for the ultimate coloration. A little like makeup but for your locks, it offers infinite Pagenta possibilities. That's the real beauty of it – the scope that means Pagenta can suit anyone and everyone.

The journey from Purple to Magenta is child's play – or almost! Just pick where your shades start, finish and meet, to suit your complexion and style.

Shine on

We keep saying it, and we'll keep at it: keeping your hair in tip-top condition is a must. Embrace hair care leave-in if your locks are showing signs of coloration damage and need a quick boost, or check out to keep coloured hair happy on a regular basis.

Now, you just need to work on your attitude, because Pagenta is super-hero-powerful.

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