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The ultimate comeback of the curly shag

You may or may not have been around during the 1970s, but icons such as Jane Fonda, Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger still hold celebrity status now. Today, we're tipping our hat to their seventies style, which has come full circle in the form of the curly shag hairstyle.

Yes, the shag is back, and it looks like it's staying for good.

What is the curly shag?

A shag hairstyle is all about using layers to create volume around the crown of the head, which then tapers down into feathered ends, usually at bob or shoulder-length level. The style often involves bangs, and is always, always disheveled with a sassy, rock n'roll attitude.

How is the shag different now?

Our contemporary interpretation of the shag style is less intense and more multi-genre. A lob (long bob) can have a shag style applied to it, sections can be longer or shorter, and texture is key. Color now plays an even more important role, with experts using different techniques to give depth, shine and volume to the hair. Another important element of the modern shag is a laid-back, natural feel achieved through using the right styling products minimally to get the maximum effect.

How to style your curly shag at home

First thing's first, the cut itself needs an expert's hand or you risk being transported even further back than the seventies! When styling at home, we recommend that gives hair texture and hold without any heaviness or sticky residue. Simply shake, spray and tousle!

I haven't got curly hair: can I get the look?

Yes! It might take a little more effort, but even those with straight hair can summon the curls to their shag hairstyle. The Dulcia Advanced perm treatment in L'Oréal Professionnel salons offers long-lasting and highly resistant and protected curls, meaning you don't have to worry about curling your hair every time.

The shag is back, and it's curlalicious!

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