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The curly bob: for perfect geometric balance

There are a thousand different kinds of bob, and one of the best is the curly version. Voluminous, floaty and feminine, it's both a hairstyle and an elegant headpiece. We never get tired of this timeless chic cut which has traveled through decades without a single line!

What's square that can also be round?

The bob shape isn't a natural phenomenon; it needs the expert hand of man to exist. To soften a bob cut, which can sometimes appear a bit 'square' and severe, there's nothing like a curling iron to soften the angles and play with volume. Let's give a wave to the wave and balance out those geometrics, for a look that's straight out of the Roaring Twenties!

A bob to complement round-shaped faces

Who would have thought that, to lengthen a round-shaped face, you should wear your hair in a curly, round style? However, it's actually the solution recommended by hair professionals and stylists alike. Curly bobs bring out an angelic quality to rounded faces, for a feminine, graceful and delicate allure. That said, this bob also suits all face shapes - except long faces with angular cheekbones - and all hair colors.

Rounding out the angles

Whether you prefer tight, almost crimped, curls from the eighties, or retro waves from the thirties, a bob is a great base to start from. It allows you to show off your neck and elegantly frame your face. Your hair stylist will create a layered cut depending on what kind of curls you want to wear, in order to bring out the most volume possible.

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