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The braided crown, the queen of styles for long hair

You don't need blue blood or to marry a member of the royal family to wear a crown! To reign gracefully over the kingdom of hairstyle, you only need long locks. Let's take a closer look at the braided crown, the key to stylishly ruling over hairstyle trends...

Everyone wants to wear a crown!

It's totally possible to wear a crown without investing in a bejeweled headband thanks to a braid plaited all the way around your head. Lucky ladies who have lots of hair can even cheat at this by wrapping a regular braid along the contours of their face. Both regal and bohemian, it's up to you to choose how to use your royal power.

Hair that was born for the throne

According to Delphine Courteille, hairstylist at L'Oréal Professionnel, all colors of long hair can try the braided crown. However, it's the type of hair that can make or break the style: "For this look, it's best to have medium to thick hair, and a lot of it, in order to create the volume needed for this braid not to fall flat." Also, if your hair is too layered, it's a look best avoided, as you risk needing a lot of pins to keep each lock in place!

For a long and prosperous hairstyle reign

To keep your crown in place, it's not enough to have a regal posture. So that the sections of the braid don't slip out and undo completely, you need to add grip to the hair using texturizing products. Delphine Courteille recommends using Next Hair Day or Texture Dust by L'Oréal Professionnel for both professionals and amateurs alike.

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