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Sonde – the icy hybrid

We're familiar with the fiery flames of red hair color, or the natural hues of sombre, ombre and bronde, but now it's time for a new game of icy silver-blond, AKA, "sonde"...

What is "sonde" hair color?

The latest hair color trend is "sonde", a hybrid mix of silver and blond that gives a chic, contemporary twist to white or platinum shades. In certain lighting, sonde looks like elegant silver, in others it gives off hues of cool icy blonde – sonde is always a surprise!

Why should I choose sonde hair?

If you were thinking about going for a daring light hair color, but don't want to go grey just yet, and are worried that platinum might be a step too far, sonde is the perfect compromise. It is resolutely modern, and yet has a vintage edge to it, thanks to its platinum origins which hark back to Hollywood sirens.

How to care for sonde-colored hair

As with any hair color, but particularly with sonde, it's important to take good care of your locks. Colorations that require lightening techniques can dry out the hair, leaving you with frazzled ends and flyaways. To prevent this, introduce a weekly hair mask into your haircare routine: we love the, which nourishes colored and/or damaged and weakened hair fibers in just 60 seconds.

How to style sonde hair

Embrace the contemporary nature of sonde hair with a modern sleek bob and bangs that shows off the color to its best. Lightly feathering the ends will prevent the cut from looking too severe, and give it an almost fairy-like finish that works in any season. Plus, a bob hairstyle shows off a long neck and draws attention to the face, making it especially flattering on practically all face shapes.

Will you be daring an icy sonde look this season?

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