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Mermaid hair: Plunge into the deep this fall with this ocean-inspired style

Mermaid hair won us over last summer with creative combinations of colors from across the seven seas. This fall, however, mermaid hair is a little edgier, more adult, and has more attitude.

Plus, thanks to new hair coloration techniques like #ColorfulHair by L'Oréal Professionnel, you can change your hair color as often as your makeup. No commitment, no worries, maximum impact!

Color inspiration: icy blue waves

This mermaid look is boss, and it knows it. With icy light blue sections cascading down the mid and end sections of a cute wavy lob, it represents a more carefree attitude towards color. This shade picks up the cool hues of an ashy blond base, providing a refreshingly bright contrast to darker roots.
You can get the same matte wavy texture as this look by using the. Simply spray onto lengths and ends and use your hands to tousle hair for a wavy and textured finish.

Hey mermaids, choose your ultimate color

Forget the rules, and play with any color combination you like and with no regrets, thanks to , an endless combination of temporary hair colors that offer salon-perfect hair with both the shade and the style you're after. Plus, the L'Oréal Professionnel hair stylists know how to combine and apply color to give you a unique look and help you stand out from the crowd. #ColorfulHair also offers a hair color removal service, so you can go back to your original look or try something new whenever you want!

Caring for #ColorfulHair

As with any hair color, to get the most out of your look it's important to keep hair healthy and strong to avoid damage and dryness. are formulated to protect hair color and prolong radiance thanks to their innovative anti-oxidant complex and UV filters.

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