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Match the Look- School Style Classics: Plaits vs Ponytail

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Plaits or Ponytail?

It's that time of year again. It's out with the cool summer styling and in with academic attention. Even grown-ups can't get shake that 'back to school' mood. On the brink of a new season, all we can think about is our new fall wardrobe, getting back to work and this season's new do.

So which schooled style will you pick?

Pretty Plaits

The style: Pretty plaits are a real schoolroom must. But, the great news is that they are having their moment and definitely on trend. Style them low, for school-girl chic, or higher up for a quirky twist on a classic look.

The hairstyle: Take a stroll down memory lane and your fingers will recall the muscle memory of the plaiting process. Part your hair in two, then again in three, and simply plait away. Picking the starting point of the plait is the strategic decision, as it will define the overall look of the plait, from the more demure to the outright funky. Go for two French braids to keep flyaways at bay, and accessorize with jewels, clips or hoops to update this educational elegance.

What the editors say: A classic fall look, plaits are here to stay!

Perfect Ponytail

The style: It's the go-to for most. Long hair, pulled back into a ponytail is the most classic of styles, but there is more behind simply taming the mane. Add a finishing touch such as wrapping your hair around the base of the tail for a sleek natural look, or perhaps try an on-trend accessory to dress it up and create a modern, chic look. Pick your starting point wisely; the higher you go the more of statement you strike, the lower you wear it, the more of a gentle boho-inspired look you can achieve.

The hairstyle: It's all about healthy hair, so try L'Oréal Pro Fiber. A real treat for hair, its is just the thing for thick, damaged hair, leaving it smoother and stronger. Paired with , every 4th wash try the Re-charge Booster for an ever better resurfacing effect.

What the editors say: For the perfect ponytail, the first step is healthy hair. Accessorize with a ribbon or a feather for a soft look, or a metallic clip on a high ponytail for a stricter, savvier result.

What's your back to school favorite? The pretty plaits or the perfect ponytail?

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