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Match The Look- Back to school ponytails: hang loose Vs. wrapped up tight

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Your ponytail? Hang loose or wrapped up tight?

Yes, yes, yes we all love a good old ponytail, but how to make it less basic? Do you go hang loose and go for a relaxed vibe or the tie it tight and choose the wrapped, structured and sophisticated version? Which is your fave?

Hanging loose

The style: A favorite with fashion houses like Belstaff, Oscar de la Renta and Brandon Maxwell, this high gloss, high glam pony tail is all over the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York, but can also be seen stomping the streets of our favorite cities.

The hairstyle: High on the back of the head, maximum impact is created with the smoothest of hair. Try to keep hair silky smooth and frizz free for that ultra-sleek but effortless look. Even better, apply straight to towel-dried hair for the ultimate in high shine. What could be easier?

What the editors say: A true classic that can be worn casual or smart, the high gloss, loose ponytail is the wise woman's regular go-to.

Wrapped up tight

The style: Inspired by dressage, these wrapped ponies are all about looking sexy and sophisticated in the ring.

The hairstyle: This posh pony is an update on a classic. Go high fashion and wrap tight for a sophisticated style. The key is to keep those locks shiny healthy and glossy, so keep that glow with. To get the best results keep a strand to the side to twist around the hair band and pin under the tail.

What the editors say: Nothing not to love about this sexy, grown up, and structured look. It does it for us. As good on a night out with the girls as it is at a business lunch, it's a versatile but sleek do that's worth practicing to get just right.

So which way will you go – free or fancy?

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