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Hashtag of the month: #hygge - your new life motto

#hygge is hot! And cozy, of course! A concept that's taken over our lives, #hygge is all about being at your most comfy state of mind, so why not apply that to your hair?!

Hankering for the #hygge

Pining for the Indian Summer? Where did that go? Just slowly getting used to the idea of wearing wool again? Yep, it's time to embrace #hygge life again.

Pronounced "hue-guh" not "hoo-gah" by the way, the Danish term is tough to translate, but really it means a feeling or a specifically cozy, special or charming moment in life - alone or with friends or family. It's a warm, glowing state of mind that brings together happiness and relaxation in great company. It's really about enjoying the present, and, in the colder months, it's especially welcome when the days draw shorter and the weather turns, because we're all in need of some #hygge attitude then.

Warm, blonde tones for a positive state of mind

If you're adopting #hygge as your new life motto, you need to stay positive, smile and let the happiness in.
One way to feel great is to look great, so give your blonde locks some warm, brown, honey hues to embrace the cozy evenings spent in front of a fire. Once you've added your ultimate combination of tones, be sure to use to keep hair looking soft and supple. Try the Pro Fiber in-salon treatment at-home by replacing your Pro Fiber mask every 4th wash with the line's Re-charge Booster. Apply and massage and leave in for 5 minutes before rinsing for soft, freshly-cut and shiny looking hair. Easy as #hygge!

Melting brown tones for a deeply pampered look

#hygge is a way of life, and pampering should be too. Picture yourself at home cosying up in your cocoon, treating yourself and feeling the good vibes with deliciously tonal chocolate brown hair...nothing could be better!

Pick out your favorite melting brown hues by heading in to your favorite salon to tailor make your highlights with , and leave your hair looking soft and scrumptious. But your ultimate #hygge hairstyle doesn't stop there. Get gorgeously loose curls to show off the full range of your delicious hues with the ultimate hair styling tool: . Thanks to the flow of high-pressure steam, it works its magic on straight hair to set soft, voluptuous curls or tumbling waves.

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