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Back to School: 5 easy ways to pimp your ponytail

Time to hit the school benches again, so what better style than the classic, class-friendly ponytail – with a little twist? Plaited, criss-crossed or wrapped, we've got it all sorted.

The plaited one

Practical yet sophisticated, this is where the plain ponytail gets extra props with a double dose of the French plait, adding a hint of 'je ne sais quoi' to get you in the teacher's good books. It's a great, effortless but with maximal effectiveness, 'off-duty-model' look whatever your grade.

The criss-cross one

Day or night, this look will get you lots of attention for all the right reasons. Easy to achieve, it's all about wrapping to spice up your ponytail game. Weave your favourite ribbon around your ponytail, and then tie with a delicate bow to get an A+. Fix in place using clear plastic bands under the ribbon and add a little for a natural, yet strong, hold.

The tightly wrapped one

It's hard not to love the long wrap. So simple, yet so effective. Choose a long wrap and simply wrap around, and around, and around... Inspired by the blonde? Talk to your , the ammonia-free semi permanent hair color for tone-on-tone color.

The bandana'ed one

Here's how to give your ponytail a little extra urban style, and heaps of attitude. Keep your pony relaxed and wavy, and give it a little authentic, bandana edge by wrapping around and then tying slightly haphazardly for a back to school winner!

The two-pointer one

What's not to love about the two-point pony tail? Super easy to emulate, the tight twist with black bands gives it extra sass. Simply work a first ponytail high up on the head, and a second lower – giving a dual-step pony tail with plenty of structure. Go matching with a friend for extra impact. For the best results, look after your hair with

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