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A high, chic and graphic ponytail for long hair

The high ponytail, very popular in the nineties, is back with a bang this season thanks to pop culture, and has even taken over the runways of the world's most famous designers. Let's take a look at this super-graphic must-have style for long hair!

A high ponytail: the most minimalist of all XXL hairstyles

Don't believe the simplistic appearance of the high ponytail. Nothing like the slightly scruffy one we wore as kids, today's high ponytail is slicked down in front (even wet-looking) and super smooth behind. It's a chic version of the look that was so popular with celebrity pop stars during the nineties. The proof that it's back again came with its appearance at Dior's last spring/summer runway show!

Length and thickness: the secret of the high ponytail

According to Delphine Courteille, hairstylist at L'Oréal Professionnel, this style requires as much length (real, not fake) as thickness. Otherwise, the contrast between the slicked-down section at the front and the smooth mass at the back won't be obvious enough, and will lack balance. However, there is some good news, it's a universal style: "all hair colors can wear it, and round-shaped faces have nothing to fear either."

A minimalistic hairstyle with a lot of variations!

The advantage of this "simple and effective" high ponytail is that it's possible to play around with textures, colors, and even accessories. Why not add a wet-look effect at the front, for example? Or you could give dip-dye and ombré hair colorations a try, in order to play with a two-tone effect. Of course, you could also experiment with hair jewelry, a popular choice among international pop stars, as well as haute-couture hair stylists backstage!

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